EDS 2021 dátumok

EDS 2021 dates

Euro Dog Show Kijev
The photos from the Euro Dog Show 2017 - Kiev are available on the below link: https://www.eds2021.hu/?modul=galeria&l=eds2017 And here are some videos from the show which available on the Hungarian Kennel Club's official Youtube channel: ht...
Köszönjük mindenkinek!

We are happy to let everyone know that Budapest has won the right to organize the 2021 FCI European Dogshow!
Thank you everyone!
Let's meet in 2021!

EDS - 2021 Budapest!

Thank you everyone for the support!
EDS 2021 will be held in Hungary

Szép emlékekkel távoztál?

Do you keep nice memories from the 2013 FCI World Dog Show?

Várunk mindenkit Budapestre!
Budapest offers dog friendly hotels and lots of sights! ...
MEOESZ-ENCI megállapodás
FCI European Dog Show 2021 Agreement of the Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOESZ) and the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI) The agreement (in all three language) is downloadable in PDF, if you click here ...
Találkozzunk újra Budapesten!

Let's take part together in this great experience!
Please support our candidacy and join us at the FCI European Dogshow 2021!
Let's meet again in Budapest!


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